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Niman Ranch started in the early 1970s on a family-owned cattle ranch in Bolinas, CA, a small coastal town just north of San Francisco. Back then, Niman Ranch cattle were Raised with Care® using traditional, humane methods with wholesome, all-natural feeds – the same way we raise them today. The buzz about our great tasting beef spread quickly and, before long, our burgers and steaks became favorites in local grocery stores and popular San Francisco Bay area restaurants.

In 1995, Niman Ranch expanded to raising hogs with the help from farmer Paul Willis of Thornton, Iowa. At the time, Paul was busy revitalizing sustainable hog farming methods in the Midwest, moving away from the common industrial practices. His dedication to animal welfare and stewardship of the land closely matched Niman Ranch’s stringent principles. A partnership was quickly formed, allowing Niman Ranch to proudly offer a variety of proteins.

Today, Niman Ranch’s network includes more than 750 family farmers and ranchers throughout the country. Whether they’re raising hogs, cattle or lamb, they all share the commitment to raising livestock under strict protocols and the belief that humane and sustainable methods produce the best possible flavor.

Bently Ranch
Borda Ranch

The Borda Family has kept the Basque tradition of sheep herding alive in Northern Nevada for more than 100 years. Raymond Borda left the old country in 1912 to herd sheep in the Dayton Valley and started his own sheep business and ranch there in 1921.


After first working in other professions, Borda Land and Sheep is now run by third generation family members Joyce Borda Gavin, Angie Borda Page and Ted Borda.  The trio believes it’s important to keep their family’s heritage and tradition alive. Borda Land and Sheep is one of only a few large sheep ranchers still operating in Western Nevada and the only one of Basque heritage.

The family runs about 3,000 Merino/Rambouillet sheep every year and another 3,500 lambs. The wool they produce is considered among the best in the country. The family is also dedicated to providing the best quality meat to American Lamb enthusiasts.

In the springtime, the Borda sheep can often been seen grazing the hillsides of the Sierra Nevada.  Working with local, state and federal agencies, more than 2,000 sheep and lambs graze thousands of acres of land around Carson City and nearby areas to reduce the fire risk.

Lamb lovers can buy Borda lamb at Butcher Boy in Reno. It can also be found on select local restaurant menus.

Petaluma Poultry

Petaluma Poultry offers Free-Range and Organic Chicken, only raised in or within Sonoma County with our industry pioneering poultry rating practices.

ROCKY® The Free Range Chicken was among the first-free range chicken brands. Raised without antibiotics and on a 100% vegetarian diet, ROCKY® Chickens are also Non-GMO Project Verified. ROCKY®Chickens are hatched and raised in and around Sonoma County, then packed locally in Petaluma.

​In 1999, ROSIE® The Original Organic Chicken was the first chicken to carry the USDA Organic seal. All of our Organic Fresh Chickens are raised on a 100% USDA Certified Organic Vegetarian Diet and are Non-GMO Project Verified. ROSIE® Chickens are raised free range and with no antibiotics, in and around Sonoma County, California

Sierra Gold

Sierra Gold Seafood only works with trusted packers, producers, and importers to bring quality seafood like fish, crustaceans, and shellfish to the Reno area.


Its live shellfish program guarantees 2-3 day, out-of-water delivery on all west coast shellfish. This program brings fresh shellfish like lobster, oysters, and crab to commercial and residential customers in Reno and beyond. This program reflects Sierra Gold Seafood’s high standards, integrity, and commitment to providing the freshest seafood.


At the heart of Sierra Gold Seafood is its founding family, the Crowells. Jim and Cindy Crowell and their two sons Brandon and Justin bring more than 75 years of combined experience in the seafood wholesale industry to every sale. 


Nevada Business Magazine recognized Sierra Gold Seafood with the Whippersnapper Award for the company’s commitment to community, quality, and growth.

Truckee Sourdough

Rounds Bakery opened in Reno, Nevada with the belief that the best moments of any day are the ones shared with friends, community, and sometimes even strangers around delicious food. Rounds Bakery believes that we can have a positive impact on the Community simply by how we serve people and what we give back. Rounds Bakery is known for its traditional East Coast approach to creating New York-style bagels, breads, and pastries while experimenting with the creative such as our world-famous #NotACronut.  We encourage you to learn more by visiting our website, 

Forged Coffee

Forged Coffee Roasting Company is the culmination of a life long obsession and celebration of coffee. During forging, great heat is applied to iron and through the hammering process, this raw material becomes a stronger, sharper version of itself. Similarly, in the process of coffee roasting we apply heat to raw material to transform it, creating something stronger, sharper, more than what it was. At times it seems like a dark art, a practice of alchemy or magick, or some other mystical process that yields this glorious, life giving, drink. Or maybe we've just had too much coffee before writing this. Either way, that first cup in the morning sure seems magickal.

At forged, every small batch is roasted by hand with the goal of bringing each individual coffee to it's best expression. All coffees are selected with an eye towards sustainability, uncovering unique flavor attributes and, always, honoring our producers. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to share and celebrate something so special and profound.

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